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Filled up the wrong fuel in your car?

Call Forecourt Assist and avoid expensive garage bills

Specialist Roadside Service - Draining, Flush Through, Vehicle Fuel System Replenishing on the spot! Saving you time, money and inconvenience of towing your car to a garage

Misfuelled? Do not start your engine! Call us on 0345 46 85 999 to drain your tank.

What to do if you've put the wrong fuel in your car

You're not alone. It's estimated that at least 250,000 drivers put the wrong fuel in their car each year - one every three and a half minutes! Forecourt Assist are one on the longest established companies offering mobile fuel draining services across Yorkshire and the North East, with locations in Leeds, York, Harrogate, Bradford, Sheffield, Wakefield and Doncaster.

And the scale of the misfuelling problem has been getting bigger too, especially over the last five years with growth in diesel car sales - modern diesels are so quiet it's easy to forget you're driving one, particularly if it's a second family car or hire car.

But if you don't realise the wrong fuel is in the tank and drive off, the car could overheat and will inevitably break down. Depending on how much wrong fuel has been drawn into the engine, you could end up with a £5,000 repair bill, which could come out of your own pocket if your insurer refuses to accept your claim. However Forecourt Assist can fix these wrong fuel problems usually within 1 hour! So if you require the wrong fuel removing from your vehicle in Harrogate, York, Leeds, Bradford, Doncaster or throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas please give us a call.

The extent of the damage caused by putting the wrong fuel in your car can vary depending on how much of it enters the system. To minimize damage, the engine should not be started; draining the fuel tank (which costs anything from £200 to £500 at a garage) will then help to restore the vehicle. We can offer a considerable saving on these prices and attend the vehicle usually within 1 hour.

Forecourt Assist have office in York, Harrogate, Leeds and Bradford so if you have put the wrong fuel in your car, van, or even motorbike please call the fuel draining wrong fuel hotline to arrange to have your fuel tank drained.

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