Recovery and Forecourt Assist working together to give better customer service 

Forecourt Assist where called out over the weekend to a vehicle that had came to a stop on the A1 Motorway. The Highway Agency had the vehicle safely coned off on the hard shoulder of the busy A1 Motorway. The reason for the vehicle coming to a stop was through filling up with the wrong fuel. We received the call and went to the job. The customer said it was a Merc Vito (medium height van) but on arrival Forecourt Assist were greeted with a large Merc Luton vehicle (pictured). The technician realised this was to large to recover with our vehicles to a safe location so called in a recovery company to assist moving the vehicle to a safe location. The recovery turned up within 20 mins and recovered it to a local service station where Forecourt Assist could perform the Fuel Drain. From the time of the call, from the customer to Forecourt Assist getting the vehicle back up and running took 90mins including the recovery operation. The customer, Mr Jens wrote " excellent service and so pleased Forecourt Assist had a procedure in place for this sort of situation, excellent service from both company's".


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