More reasons to put the wrong fuel in your car 

American holidaymakers caught out by pump Nozzle colours
Over a period of time we have noticed that our business has been most useful for our friends the Americans.

It is only recently that I have found out that over in united states that some of the pumps for petrol fuel actually have a Black pump handle. Over in the UK we all know that green is petrol and black is diesel but in America this is not the case.

very recently things have changed at some petrol filling stations as BP have started using a green pump handle for their diesel fuels, this is causing a petrol/diesel miss fueling problem

Hire cars do try to help all users of their hire vehicles by placing notices all over the car warning you of the fuel type. but as the picture shows it does not matter how many diesel stickers are applied it will not stop people putting the wrong fuel in their vehicles

This will enable you to carry on your journey and not have this misfuelling incident ruin your holiday

If you have filled up with the wrong fuel call Forecourt Assist on 0845 46 57 999. Covering UK, 24hrs 7 days a week.
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