Another DIY Fuel drain that didnt pay off 

Another Diy Fuel Drain that has gone wrong. Well here we have a transit van that was the pride and joy of the two brothers as it is used as a part camper van when they go away dirt bike riding. 4 days earlier the brothers had accidentally put £15.00 of petrol into their diesel transit van. the had been running the vehicle with the wrong contaminated fuel hoping it would be ok. it was not until day three when the vehicle started to show signs of contaminated fuel when it started with a smoking engine and juddering round the street.
it was at this point that the boys realised they were not going to ignor putting the wrong fuel in their car after all.
at this point they tried to syphon the fuel from the vehicle themselves. when they realised that they could not do this and had no specialist tools to drain the engine down either they called Forecourt Assist for a fuel drain. We attended within 1 hour and got the vehicle fully drained and started, unfortunately although the fuel system was repaired there had been damage to the fuel injectors due to the wrong fuel and the vehicle would not stop smoking, we did some diagnostic on the injectors for the boys , so now because they had decided not to get the transit fuel system drained they now have an extra bill for £1000


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