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  • 2013
    • September
      • History of the Merc, G Wagon

        The Mercedes-Benz G-Class or G-Wagen (as it was called from 1979 to 1994), short for Geländewagen (or cross-country vehicle), is a four-wheel drive vehicle / sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Steyr-Puch (now Magna Steyr) in Austria for German automaker Mercedes-Benz. The G-wagen is cha

      • Ford Cmax Bonnet Catch Failure.

        Forecourt Assist were recently called out to a repeat offender of a 'misfueled' vehicle. We attended this vehicle several weeks back but the customer realised her mistake on the Forecourt and called us. This time though she did not realise her mistake. She had driven the vehicle se

      • Another DIY Fuel drain that didnt pay off
        Another Diy Fuel Drain that has gone wrong. Well here we have a transit van that was the pride and joy of the two brothers as it is used as a part camper van when they go away dirt bike riding. 4 days earlier the brothers had accidentally put £15.00 of petrol into their diesel transit van. the had

    • August
      • Traffic wardens mistake

        We were called out to this vehicle in County Durham. On arrival the technician noticed 2 traffic wardens around it. The technicians first thoughts was that it was getting a big yellow fine sticker on the windscreen as the vehicle had broke down on double yellow lines.......in fact this was no

      • Recovery and Forecourt Assist working together to give better customer service

        Forecourt Assist where called out over the weekend to a vehicle that had came to a stop on the A1 Motorway. The Highway Agency had the vehicle safely coned off on the hard shoulder of the busy A1 Motorway. The reason for the vehicle coming to a stop was through filling up with the wrong fuel.

      • More reasons to put the wrong fuel in your car

        American holidaymakers caught out by pump Nozzle colours
        Over a period of time we have noticed that our business has been most useful for our friends the Americans.

        It is only recently that I have found out that over in united states that some of the pumps for petrol fuel

      • Wrong Fuel in your Bike

        Having many vehicles in your family could cause you to "misfuel".
        This customer has petrol vehicles, diesel vehicles and a motorbike.
        Swapping and changing from petrol and diesel caused this customer to "fill up with the wrong fuel" in his bike.

    • July
      • If You Put The Wrong Fuel In , Dont Panic!
        The most important thing to do is not to panic, Forecourt Assist Can attend your vehicle 24 hours a day and carry out a fast permanent repair to your vehicle, that will allow you to get on your way with minimal disruption
        We will attend to any location apart from the motorway hard shoulder, if


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